History of Lenora Dame

LENORA DAME is a fashion jewelry and accesories designer based outside of Philadelphia Pa, whose playful ingenious approach has made her jewelry internationally sought after. With a connoisseur's eye for latent style, Lenora recombines authentic materials from disparate places and times to alter the DNA of looks. The effect is distinctly contemporary, while still capturing the past.

Lenora's family background among entrepreneurs gives her a love of hard work. Her father's keen ear for radio programming resulting in a long successful broadcasting career, and fond memories of her mother's knitting and quilting sustain a respect for quality, attention to detail — something done well.

Three times a year a year Lenora reviews each collection, Romantic, Bohemian and Retro, creating new styles, adding to existing stories, all handmade in her studio. Here she leads a team of in-house technical designers who turn her concepts into final products ranging from large, luxe pieces to styles that are smaller in scale, demure, with ladylike charm. Lenora considers this staff essential to the success of the company. Their devotion to quality and attention to detail ensures excellent product each season.

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