About Us

If you shop with such names as Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie, chances are you're already wearing Lenora Dame jewelry. Noted especially for her iconic "haute bohemian" collections of necklaces, earrings and bracelets, designer Lenora Dame has set herself apart with a fearless approach that genetically recombines authentic vintage materials from sources around the world.

The message is as timeless as it is contemporary. Whether drawn from Lenora's signature Retro, Bohemian or Romantic collections, or commissioned as one of a kind, Lenora Dame designs exhibit a bold, often playful vision with understated finesse.

The first seeds of Lenora's company were planted when she gave up her thriving career as an advertising executive to focus full time on designing jewelry collections. Her sister, Alison Dame, soon took business operations in hand, and in 2001 Dame Design, LLC was born. Ever increasing attention came first from local, then regional and then national retailers; Lenora Dame jewelry is now available through major stores in countries around the world.

Lenora's Kimono Fabric Locket collection was first sold to Philadelphia-based fashion retailer Anthropologie in 2003, and Lenora Dame's reach has widened steadily since then. Distribution deals came in 2007 with established national retailers in Japan and the U.K.

In 2009 Lenora Dame jewelry began to appear in the U.S. media, first worn in concert by pop sensation Katy Perry and then featured by celebrity fashion stylist Rachel Zoe on her Bravo Network show. Regular mention in print has followed as well, with items in such publications as O magazine, Glamor and People. In 2010 Lenora showed both at New York City's Fashion Coterie and in Paris at Prêt à Porter.

Lenora herself now leads the company's design teams, while Alison, as chief operating officer, continues to guide robust growth despite historically lean economic times. The two live near each other, each a short country drive from the sun-filled Lenora Dame Studios where operations remain headquartered, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.